Depending on your dog’s breed and individual grooming needs, a full groom with Fur Sure will include any, if not all, of the following basic services: Shampoo, conditioner, brush out, paw pad & nail trim, blow dry, foot shaping & trim, sanitary clip, ear cleanse (ear plucking done only at owner’s request), face shaping, full body clip & style.


Small (18 lb max), Short Hair $40
Chihuahua (Short Hair), Dachschund (Short Hair),
Italian Greyhound, Jack Russell (Short Hair), Pug

Medium (35 lb max), Short Hair $45
Beagle, Boston Terrier, French Bulldog, Harrier

Large (55 lb max), Short Hair $50
American Pit Bull, Basset Hound, English Bulldog

Small, Long Hair $55
Bichon Frise, Brussels Griffon, Cairn Terrier, Cattle Dog, Cavalier King Charles,
Chihuahua (Long Hair), Corgie, Dachschund (Long Hair), Fox Terrier (Wire Hair),
Havanese, Jack Russell (Wire Hair), Lhasa Apso, Maltese, Norwegian Elkhound, Norwich Terrier, Papillon, Pekingese, Pomeranian, Poodle (Toy), Schnauzer (Mini), Shiba Inu, Shih Tzu, Westie, Yorkie

Medium, Long Hair $60
American Eskimo, Border Collie, Brittany, Cockapoo, Cocker Spaniel, Poodle (Mini), Scottish Terrier, Sheltie

Large, Long Hair $65
Australian Shepherd, English Springer Spaniel, Keeshond, Mini-Doodle, Schnauzer (Standard)

(Additional fees may be applied at groomer’s discretion based on behavior & coat condition.)

Full Grooming Addons

(Add any of the following services to your basic full grooming package)

  • Nail Grinding (filing of the nails with a rotary tool) – $5
  • Toothbrushing (enzymatic toothpaste & breath freshening spray) – $7
  • Mineral Foot Soak (housemade fizzing foot soak for tired paws) – $2
  • Spaw Day Pedicure (Pamper those paws with nail grinding, a mineral foot soak, and a paw pad massage with a housemade pad balm) – $12

Bath-less Services

(A La Carte services for in between maintenance)

  • Nail Trim$12
  • Nail Trim + Grinding$17
  • Brush/Dematting $15
  • Face or Feet Trim $12 ($20 for both)
  • Freshen-up Pup (nail trim + grinding, up to 10 minutes of brushing/dematting, tooth brushing, ear cleaning, and cologne.) – $32

***Missed appointments or appointments cancelled with less than 24 hour prior notice are subject to a $15 cancellation fee due at the time of the appointment. Please contact me as soon as possible if you need to reschedule.

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