My name is Laurel and grooming is my furriest love. I am the owner of Fur Sure, a one-on-one groomer and dog spa serving the residents of Lancaster County. I have been grooming professionally in corporate and private grooming salons since 2013. Throughout my career, I’ve continued my education on the latest products and techniques, in order to give your dogs the best experience possible. Along with being a groomer, I am also a pet parent. So, I understand the need for our babies to be in a loving, safe environment with someone they can trust. One-on-one grooming allows me the opportunity to help keep your dog comfortable and safe, all while looking their best.

When I am not pampering pets, I spend my time as a mother of one incredible young human being. My son and I enjoy digging around in the garden, teaming up against hordes of zombies in video games, and cooking homemade dinners together. I also enjoy crafting high quality, handmade spa products and accessories tailored especially for dogs. Keep an eye out for new or limited release products at your next grooming appointment!

I do like to show off your dogs and their funky fresh do’s. Follow me on Instagram, or Facebook, for new product releases, and see if your dog makes the hall of fame! Or, head over to the gallery, and take a look at my portfolio.

A giant thank you to my clients who have given me the opportunity to care for their canine companions. It’s all of you who have made my career possible, and I want you to know that I appreciate you. Please give your dogs my love, and I hope to see you again soon.